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Whatever brings you here, be it a physical, mental or emotional unrest, or if you simply wish to optimise your health to prevent illness, you're in the right place!  Ayurveda is a pathway back to full health via food, lifestyle and high quality and trusted herbs sourced in Sri Lanka.  Ayurveda works by finding the source of the issue and treats the root cause of the disorder or complaint.  We are all unique and Ayurveda recognises this, approaching each person individually.

Ayurveda is a beautiful knowledge and a way of life that prevents disease and teaches us how to remain in full and vibrant health for the whole of our lives.


Hello, I'm Pam - a fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner, trained by one of the foremost Ayurvedic Doctors in Europe, Dr Deepika Rodrigo. I studied with Dr Deepika at the highly respected Ayurveda Institute UK, where I graduated with Distinction. I am also a passionate yoga teacher.

I provide patients with a trusted place they can come to for Ayurvedic advice and healing. Following a consultation you will receive expert treatment: a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan tailored specifically to you - along with a prescription for specialised ayurvedic medicines; herbs / oils or tonics to support your body on its path to restored health and balance.

Through my training and in my clinic, I have seen first-hand the incredible and powerful effects Ayurveda can have in helping people reduce or even eradicate symptoms, get off prescription medications and be free from suffering.

Everyone and anyone can apply simple Ayurvedic principles to their lives.  By making adjustments to diet and lifestyle and having the support of gentle yet effective herbal remedies, you can find a way to live a balanced, vital and fulfilled life naturally.  

Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher and a member of the Ayurvedic Professionals Association (APA).

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I came to see Pam knowing only a little about Ayurveda. I wanted to try something different to help my health issues as I had become fed up with taking daily medication that didn't work very well and were causing side effects. Pam immediately put me at ease with her calm and patient manner. Her approach was holistic as she took time to thoroughly understand what my health issues were and how it affected my daily life. She recommended food I would benefit from eating, herbs I should try and gave advice on which exercise best suited my specific constitution. After making some shifts in my diet and being mindful of how I exercised, rested and slept I began to feel better, much better. Within three weeks I had stopped taking my medication for acid reflux. I had more energy and felt calmer. Pam was very encouraging and supportive as I made my dietary changes and I felt that I was actively working to make a big difference to my health, which felt very empowering. Five months later I am still not taking any medication and there has also been a marked improvement in my PMS and complexion. The whole process has been one of self discovery as I have learnt how to tune in and listen to my body. I am going to continue to see Pam and I will be recommending friends and family who have any health issues to see her too.